Concept Development

I chose between two languages: Na’vi and Elvish.

it was really tricky deciding which one to go for as both cultures intrigue me and I absolutely love the richness of these fictitious cultures.

for Na’vi, I decided on the phrase “I see you”, which is something that occurred throughout the film and I thought the meaning behind it would be interesting to break down.

For Elvish, I initially searched for phrases, but couldn’t find any so I settled for poems. In doing so, I came across Olga Polomoshnova’s blog who writes intensive essays discussing the works of JRR Tolkien and she happened to analyze the Elvish poetry.

After anxiously consulting with Danni, I’ve decided to stick with the Elvish poetry concept as it is more story based and I see this as an opportunity to incorporate it with my illustration style. I looked into elvish culture and I really like the intricacy of it and that they are very connected with nature (something I’m keen to work with).

I looked at these following designers for inspiration regarding style and aesthetics:

Mikael Gustafsson


Inga Hampton


Jona Dinges


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